Look #154

# 1 Candi's Cuties & Co Chest Treasures Mall Gift (Need Group) "top only" 

# 2 ModaMia Slim Daisy Dress Red With Tango, Brazilia and  Phat Azz Applier (Need Group)

# 3 Tori tanktop and skirt mesh in black  (Need Group)

# 4 Long Gray Sweater "Only" (Need Group)

# 5 Busty Boutique Chest treasure gift (Need Group)

# 6 **Sjaja** Mel Black Shorty & applier lolas tango +panties  (Need Group)

# 7 ::Purple Candy::Lorangel  red With Tango, Brazilia and  Phat Azz Applier (Need Group)

You find all this gift in Highlight Room @ Chest Treasures Busty Mall

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