Look #077

Gift # 50 
Glitter Top With Tango Applier (TDTH 0L) @ F.owl

Gift # 51
Mini Dress With Tango and Phat Azz applier (TDTH 0L) @ Kennedy’s

Gift # 52
"Not Found"

Gift # 53
Thanksgiving Dress (TDTH 0L) @ dolle

Gift # 54
Autumn Cotton  Mesh Set and Necklace (TDTH 0L) @ The Little Bat

Gift # 55
Floral Skull Mesh Sweater (TDTH 0L) @ Kita’s Sideshow

Gift # 56
SwatchMe- Turkey Run (TDTH 0L) @ Caladesi Island Co.

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decided not to continue this hunt because it is very long and I have not much time available in rl and gifts are not the quality I expected ... sorry for any inconvenience that my decision may cause

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