Look #100

Set - :.::Hot Stuff::.: Call Me B&W (HATT #31 10L)
Boots - HOC Industries Thigh Boots (rigged mesh) (195L)
Collar - (r)M~Posture Collar > No.04 (posted above)
Belly Tattoo - * Sweet Sin Tattoo * -  Im not perfect, just awesome (50L)
Hair - =MODA= Gwen Hair Bundle (posted above)
Belly Piercing - Knock! accessories Piercing G.G Addicted Belly 601 <HEART> (129L)
Nails - [MANDALA]Milky Way Ring & Nails/gaga black (posted above)
Arm Warmers - [Etchaflesh] Black Rubber RIGGED MESH Arm Warmers (posted above)
Arm Dagger - G.G Addicted  Denix Dagger black <G> (250L) "new version"
Pistol - Included In The A.G Angelina Outfit (399L)
Photo Place -  The Town of Calico

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